JOTB 2019 Hackathon

Winning Dashboard

Thank you for your interest in the JOTB Hackathon's winning dashboard. Unfortunately, the dashboard is no longer available, but to share some impressions with you we created a video on our YouTube Channel: Below you can find all information about the ROXcomposer, the tool the team used during the Hackathon to provide a sentiment analysis on JOTB related Twitter data.



Microservice Framework

ROXcomposer is an open source development framework and infrastructure solution for microservices.

It aims to decisively simplify the development and usage of microservice architectures.

Check out ROXcomposer on GitHub:





Core concepts

Microservices are a modern standard for IT architectures. They provide longterm scalability and maintainability. Yet they add complexity as well, especially for beginners.

With ROXcomposer's possibilities to orchestrate and scale all single microservices, the user can flexibly decide upon his infrastructure.

Base service

  • ROXcomposer provides a communication protocol that allows flexible routing between services
  • it comes with a Python package that provides a service base class with several interfaces, allowing to create own services on that basis
  • the transport of messages, logging, configuration interfaces and message tracing are already included in the base class
  • therefore, when implementing own services, you can simply focus on the functional logic


  • created services get connected through pipelines
  • the ROXcomposer message protocol allows to keep track of any information about pipelines and data payload by holding those information in the message itself
  • to transfer this information an API gateway (named ROXconnector) was added to the ROXcomposer which provides information through a REST API

Open Source Launch 15.05.2019

Get started


Your tutorial to get started with ROXcomposer:


ROXcomposer on GitHub:

ROXcomposer Documentation:

ROXconnector Documentation:


ROXstack - Part 1: ROXcomposer and ROXconnector

ROXstack - Part 2: ROXcomposer 0.4.0



Markus Baumgärtner

Co-founder of droxIT

Let ROXcomposer help you to become a data science rock star 

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